Air Cruise Pearls of Africa

Day 3 & 4: São Tomé

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Day 1 - 3

Day 3 & 4: São Tomé

Day 3 Marrakech - São Tomé
Flight time 5:20 hours

After a delicious breakfast you leave the sweltering Marrakech. During the flight your cabin crew serves lunch with your favourite drink, and before you know you have landed on the undiscovered jewel of the Gulf of Guinea, known as São Tomé. The archipelago of São Tomé and Principe lies just off the west coast of the African continent.

The island was previously a colony of the Netherlands, Denmark and Portugal, but São Tomé and Principe has been an independent republic since 1975. The island was discovered and conquered by the Portuguese in the 16th century. São Tomé later became part of the Portuguese colony.

You stay at Pestana São Tomé, located near the beach.